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Greek summer delights

Published on 01.06.2016 under Mediterranean Recipes
This summer dive into a sea of flavours and aromas! Greek cuisine is ideal for warmer days, as it combines the benefits of the so-called Mediterranean diet with the unique taste, colour and flavour of its basic ingredients. Discover the culinary treasures of the Greek land, such as juicy fruits and vegetables, nutritious pulses, fresh fish and seafood combined into delicious dishes which will satisfy even the pickiest palate. Choose the menu that suits you best and get a taste of Greek summer!
Traditional dishes
Are you in love with the Greek traditional cuisine? Try a piece of mousaka, or stuffed vegetables (mostly tomatoes) accompanied by a delicious Greek salad topped with feta cheese,dried oregano and capers. Boost your culinary experience by tasting baklava with vanilla or mastic ice cream for dessert!
Fast food - The Greek way!
Are you back from the beach and desire an easy, quick but delicious meal? All you need is some Greek olive oil, fresh eggs and red juicy tomatoes. Your Greek omelet, the so-called strapatsada is ready. For the cheese lovers: add some feta cheese! Another idea for a quick meal comes from Crete! Prepare the Cretan Dako in a jiffy, with sliced tomatoes, olive oil, capers, onions and Myzithra or feta cheese. Your meal will be complete only with a bottle of Cretan wine. For a light dessert, try the famous Greek yogurt garnished with home-made spoon sweets!
Greek Veggie food
Would you like a tasteful and healthy meal free of meat and fat? Start with fava with chopped onions and capers and continue with “Gemista” (stuffed vegetables without minced meat), one of the most popular Greek summer dishes. For dessert, choose a cool, colourful fruit salad. You can enjoy it plain or you can garnish it with drops of honey or melted chocolate. Nothing better for a warm summer day!
Are you on holidays in Greece with your better half? Impress your sweetheart by tasting a menu directly inspired by the Greek sea. Choose a special black eyed pea salad with smoked mackerel for starters, accompanied with ouzo or tsipouro. For main course enjoy a plate of mussel pilaf with tiny pasta and for dessert loukoumades with honey. According to a Greek saying, “Love goes through the stomach” – and it’s quite true, if you think about it!

Other summer dishes that you should not miss: spinachpie, horta (boiled wild greens), octopus marinated in vinegar, fried or grilled vegetables with tzatziki, stuffed squid (kalamari), eggplants “papoutsakia”, dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves with rice) and meat balls with French fries. Indulge your palate trying watermelon with feta cheese!
Bon appetit!


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