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Coq Au Vin - Rooster Boiled in Wine (aka Kokoras Krasatos)

Published on 04.02.2016 under Mediterranean Recipes



Various legends trace Coq au Vin (Rooster boiled in Red Wine) to ancient Gaul and Julius Caesar. It is used to describe a rooster boiled in wine with mushrooms and lardons. 

In Greece, we call it "Kokoras Krasatos " (Kόkoras Krasάtos) and the original recipe is slightly changed.

We add tomato, garlic, onions, olive oil and spices and we usually skip lardons and mushrooms.

We prepare it with a thicker sauce during winter time and a lighter one during summer time.

Don't forget to prepare either (my personal favourite) french fries and dip them in the sauce or rice. If you like to eat it like my grandfather, you may also prepare as side dish traditional greek pasta ie orzo or xylopitaki: the result will be divine!










Since the rooster will boil in wine, I skip any preparation on the meat. 


- Warm a large deep pan and pour in the olive oil. Use medium heat.

- Saute the rooster pieces evenly until they turn golden (approx 10min)

- Add the chopped onions until they soften.

- Add the chopped garlic and let it slightly soften.

- Add one water glass of Greek Red Wine and let it boil (approx 20min)- check if you need some water added.







- When the wine sauce starts to thicken, add the tomato juice, the Pepper Paste, the bay leaves and the cinnamon stick.

- Add salt and pepper and continue boiling for approx 50-60 minutes. If the sauce needs some water, do not hesitate and add it.






- When the food is ready, continue preparing the side dish you prefer - serve it hot and enjoy with a glass of the same wine you boiled the rooster in. 






Here is a quick video of the above recipe:


Katsikaki (aka Baby Goat)


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