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Melion Pine Greek Honey 250 gr

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  1. Rich flavour with a mild sweetness.
  2. Exceptional aroma of damp wood and fertile land.
  3. Protected Disignation of Origin (PDO) product.
  4. Outstanding nutritional value.
  5. Ideal for breakfast and as a mild sweetener.

Every autumn in the forests of Chalkidiki, thick swarms of bees incessantly collect the saps flowing from the pine trees. The coppery colored honey they offer has a rich flavour with a mild sweetness that distinguishes it from other types of forest honeys, and an exceptional aroma characterized by notes of damp wood and fertile land.

Meet the producer

Our business activity emerged from an olive grove on Laconian land with more than a thousand olive trees.


Planted three generations ago, they generously offer the precious gifts – delicious olives and extra virgin olive oil – to those who perform the traditional tasks of caring for them year after year.

The vision of starting a company to promote the treasures of the Greek earth throughout the world was born under the silver-green foliage of the family olive grove, here we often draw inspiration and strength for our new endeavours by wandering among the wise old tree trunks.

Today, Symphonia produces and markets a series of traditional Greek and Mediterranean products worldwide. Our products are distinguished by their quality characteristics and creative packaging. Each addition of a new product code in our catalogue is the result of a determined quest, while each new product offered to the public has first passed through a number of laboratory and taste tests.