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Think Green Organic Ouzo 700 ml

  1. 100% Distilled organic wheat.
  2. Certified organic farming.
  3. Alcohol content: 38 % vol.
  4. Rich aroma and velvety flavour.
  5. Enjoy it as an aperitif or as a long drink or with your favourite Greek meze.

Since July 2004 organic thinkgreen Ouzo is the product that came to supplement our tasty pallet. Organic thinkgreen Ouzo, the world-renown Greek aperitif with selected ingredients from organic certified plantations. Our Ouzo, as an organic one, is the first that came in the market ever, both in Greek and the world market. 


We take a long and difficult path before we are able to offer you this tasty and delicate aperitif of our country. Ouzo is produced by distilling pure alcohol and aromatic plants and herbs. Each producer has his own secret recipe. The alcohol comes from organic wheat distilling. All herbs and aromatic plants have been carefully selected from tested biological cultivations. The production of thinkgreen organic Ouzo takes place under the strict supervision and instructions of one of the oldest distillers in Northern Greece, who has been in the distillery business since 1875. The experience of four generations of producers, the artistry and selected materials are there to offer you the unparalleled taste experience of thinkgreen Ouzo. Enjoy it as an aperitif or as a long drink, either straight, or with your favourite meze or dish, and of course with the other thinkgreen products, such as the sardines, anchovies and olives. 

Alcohol content: 38% Vol.

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Meet the producer

THINKGREEN company is a newly set up firm but with long experience in the organic products field since 1988.

Thinkgreen is activated in the space of the organic products and good qualitative food in Greece as well as abroad, based mainly on the Greek traditional diet which in extension is the Mediterranean diet with chosen materials from organic certified cultivations.


Our philosophy:
To satisfy desires of gourmet taste and high quality product at an affordable price which is achieved by

• Traditional, pure ingredients for our products, and where possible from certified organic plantations
• The old and new secrets of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine
• The utilization of appropriate technology for the processing and final production
• Development of new products based on the nutritional needs and desires of customer group (niche markets).