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Ellopia Wild Thyme Honey 250 gr

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  1. Great Taste Award 2014 , with 3 Gold Stars
  2. Top 50 Foods 2014 Great Taste Awards out of 10.000 entries.
  3. Best Ambient Product of the Year 2014 Great Taste Awards.
  4. 100% natural and handmade - No preservatives
  5. Glorious amber colour and viscous texture.
  6. Wild thyme honey is the most emblematic honey of the Aegean.

Made with traditional methods by a small producer on the Greek island of Andros. A lovely honey with a deep golden colour and a wonderful intense thyme flavour. A truly delicious honey. 

Wild thyme (thymus capitatus), with its distinct blue-purple flowers, grows in abundance on the rocky, barren wind- and sea-beaten shores of Andros, an island in the north Cyclades. It is the only plant on the island that fully blossoms in June and July, and from which the bees can collect nectar and pollen at this time of year.

The result is a dense monofloral honey with a dark colour and an intense, complex flavor of wild thyme. This unique honey, with its fragrant smell, nutritional value and scientifically proven high anti-infectious and healing properties, has always been highly prized by locals and visitors alike.


Meet the producer

 Our company hails its name from ancient Ellopia, located in north-western Greece near the oracle of Dodona.


  We chose the name because it symbolizes an authentic, primordial Greece. It expresses our continuing quest for the    intrinsic, true tastes of Greece that capture a deeper sense of the country’s true identity.


  We firmly believe that traditional Greek agriculture that still exists in the countryside carries within itself a distilled experience and knowledge that has developed through the centuries.


   Our priority lies with quality rather than quantity. Our production is limited, so as to ensure the high quality of our    products.