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Ellopia Autumn Heather Honey 250 gr

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  1. Great Taste Award 2015 , with 1 Gold Star
  2. Pure Greek Autumn Heather Honey.
  3. Produced in the Cyclades Islands by small local beekeepers.
  4. Unique intense aroma and viscous texture
  5. Raw unheated unfiltered honey.
  6. Healthy source of energy & vitamins and ideal for breakfast to boost your day.

Our pure Autumn Heather honey is produced from our own apiary and a select few other apiarists on the Cyclades islands in the Aegean. The indigenous heather (erica manipuliflora) that covers the upper hills of the Cyclades islands, blossoms in autumn, with the first rainfalls, and gives us a very dense, intensely aromatic honey with a caramel-like texture, a unique, rich, layered taste, and is packed with great nutritional value.

Greek heather honey is also traditionally prized for its health properties.

Eating it on toast for breakfast is an ideal way to start your day with a boost.

Meet the producer

 Our company hails its name from ancient Ellopia, located in north-western Greece near the oracle of Dodona.


  We chose the name because it symbolizes an authentic, primordial Greece. It expresses our continuing quest for the    intrinsic, true tastes of Greece that capture a deeper sense of the country’s true identity.


  We firmly believe that traditional Greek agriculture that still exists in the countryside carries within itself a distilled experience and knowledge that has developed through the centuries.


   Our priority lies with quality rather than quantity. Our production is limited, so as to ensure the high quality of our    products.