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Fasilis Organic Fir honey from Arcadia 450 gr

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  1. Organic fir honey.
  2. White – Caramel colour
  3. A little sweet.
  4. Very light aroma.
  5. Does not crystallize.
  6. From Southeastern Peloponnese.


The Greek Fir Honey is one of the rarest products in all over the world. Its impressive pearl-amber color, the characteristic metallic highlights and its extremely thick texture make it special. It is spicy and it tastes like toffee while the flavors of the various flowers and the fir that are given off, constitute a real feast of tastes and colors. All the above characteristics combined with its natural property not to crystallize and its rich in trace elements composition, satisfy the most demanding consumers. Enjoy this distinctive type of honey that is generously offered to us by the Greek nature.


The organic Fir Honey “FASILIS” was awarded for its quality and its organoleptic characteristics in the International Competition of Organic Beekeeping “BIOLMIEL 2011”.



Keep in a cool, dry, dark and odorless place (< 15°C for long storage period). The fir honey does not crystallize.






Meet the producer

FASILIS COMPANY founded in 1930.

You may already know a lot about bees or maybe you only know the basics. For example, you know how many factors contribute to the collection and production of honey? Or why the Greek honey is considered one of the best on the planet?


Or even that every year the same apiary at the same time will produce a little honey or very different than last year depending on what flowers favoured by the weather of the year. In this respect HONEY is a bit like wine.


They can have "cellar" buying different kinds of honey and educating our palates even honey in the same category but different year if we keep in proper conditions.