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Yiam Apple Preserve with Saffron (Crocus) 450 gr

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  1. Made with organically apples from Fotis farm in Skiti.
  2. Boiled with lots of crocus stamens from Kozani , sugar and lemon juice. 
  3. The aroma of the crocus stamens is quite intense.
  4. Keep in a cool dry place.

Made with organically apples from Fotis farm in Skiti, we make this preserve with apples, diced into large cubes, boiled with lots of crocus stamens from Kozani (northern Greece), sugar and lemon juice. 

The aroma of the crocus stamens is quite intense, as is its colour. 

These cubes remind me of giant dice made of amber, which we sometimes see on big old worry bead strings. It’s as if rays of sunshine are coming out of there. 


Keep in a cool dry place

Meet the producer

YIAM from Greece and our bright sun, send to you the best marmalades, the most delicious appetizers, traditional sweets and many more homemade delicacies, which they make in the village of Aghia.

All their products are made from scratch, in a modern establishment, with the highest quality materials and the outmost attention to every detail, so they can achieve the best quality and the most exquisite taste in any product you may choose to try.

My love for cooking and my need to find a way to make full use of our farming products, were the reasons, nine years ago, why I started producing my products, for my family at first and later came the idea to market them.


I created a workshop, at first in the town of Frantzi, in Lamia. Now, nine years later, I am settled in Aghia of Larissa, which is a small town at the foot of Mount Kissavos and I see that there is a continuous demand on the market for anything that is of really good quality. No matter what that may be.

I am very lucky to be doing what I love and I would like to believe that through my work, I will be able to preserve some traditional recipes. Whoever tries them will enjoy and I, in turn, will be able to add a small pebble towards the spreading of traditional Greek cuisine, so that it may be loved, developed and brought closer to today’s housewife in a more modern way, helping her solve the problem of cooking good food with very little spare time.

Avra Panousopoulou