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Think Green Tuna in Organic Olive Oil 160gr

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  1. From the variety of “albacares yellow-fin”.
  2. Excellent quality.
  3. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. It is dipped in the one and only Greek organic olive oil that gives it the perfect taste.
  5. With a soft pink colour, tender and compact texture.
  6. with a fine delicate taste.

The selected yellow fin tuna of th!nkgreen is a fine selection of albacares kind yellow-fin tuna with a soft pink color, tender and compact texture and with a fine delicate taste. Caught in the Atlantic Ocean is subjected to the Dolphin safe treaty, that comply with the prescribed conditions of sustainable fisheries. The combination of rich tuna meat with Greek organic cold pressed olive oil, into which it is dipped, results in the enrichment of its distinctive taste.


What makes this tuna famous worldwide?


It belongs to the variety of “albacares yellow-fin” considered worldwide to be of excellent quality

It comes from fisheries that are sustainable and accountable tlo the Dolphin Safe Treaty

It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids

It is dipped in the one and only Greek organic olive oil that gives it the perfect taste

Meet the producer

THINKGREEN company is a newly set up firm but with long experience in the organic products field since 1988.

Thinkgreen is activated in the space of the organic products and good qualitative food in Greece as well as abroad, based mainly on the Greek traditional diet which in extension is the Mediterranean diet with chosen materials from organic certified cultivations.


Our philosophy:
To satisfy desires of gourmet taste and high quality product at an affordable price which is achieved by

• Traditional, pure ingredients for our products, and where possible from certified organic plantations
• The old and new secrets of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine
• The utilization of appropriate technology for the processing and final production
• Development of new products based on the nutritional needs and desires of customer group (niche markets).