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Rovies Organic Green Olives Stuffed with Lemon 240 gr

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  1. Olives of rich flesh.
  2. Collected relatively early, exclusively by hand. 
  3. Processed by the Natural Greek Traditional Method.
  4. olives of extra high quality & nutritional value. 
  5. A fresh and cool tasty suggestion.
  6. Stuffed traditionally by hand with lemon.

Greek green olives hand selected and stuffed by hand with pieces of real lemon, in extra virgin olive oil. From the single estate grove of Rovies, located on the picturesque Greek island of Evia.

They are ideal as an appetizer or as an accompaniment to salads, pasta salads, legume salads. Try slicing them and adding them to canapes a real treat for your guests!Ingredients: Green Olives (52%), Olive Oil (34%), Lemon (13%) Sea Salt

Meet the producer

History of ROVIES Agricultural Cooperative and its producers


The Agricultural Cooperative of Rovies in North Evia was founded in 1978, having as its main goal the protection of its members’ income and produce which comes mainly from the olive grove in Rovies, ensuring its best quality and taste.


As a Cooperative, we are one with our members.


Through all these years, we stand by their side, by taking care of the collection, processing, standardization and merchandising of their olives.

The Rovies’ olive grove, with more than 100 years of history, extends from the coast up to the feet of the surrounding mountains and covers a surface of 350 hectares with 70.000 olive trees.

Nowadays, our Cooperative has 130 members, the majority of whom cultivate their olive groves organically.


We walk forward together, having one and the same philosophy: to produce and launch a truly natural organic product, processed with the natural, traditional methods and preserving all of its inherent natural characteristics.