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Farm Efkarpia Melissa, Peppermint, Αrtemisia and St John s wort 15 gr

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  1. Handpicked.
  2. Helps digestion.
  3. Relieves digestive disorders while regulating and facilitating the digestive process. 
  4. Mixture highly emollient and soothing for irritable stomach and intestine. 

A truly refreshing herbal blend to drink hot or cold. Enjoy it plain or with sweetener.

You may also put the herbal tea in ice cube pots and use it in your cooking or cocktails. 

Meet the producer

Farm Efkarpia is a family business specialising in the cultivation, processing and packaging production of legumes, cereals, maize, but also herbs as well as their preparations. The collection and processing of herbs as well as the packaging of all our products are made by hand. Handmade are also all our herb preparations following faithfully our cultural traditions.

In Farm Efkarpia nature s role is the most important for our cultivations. The growing of our certified aromatic plants becomes naturally, the natural drying and the gentle and secure treatment by hand just right after the moment of collection offer to our products their superb quality and uniqueness.

Farm Efkarpia offers certified quality products and as well as organic products. All our processes are certified according to ISO 22000:2005 while our organic product are certified by "Green Control".

Our personal reflection on "clean food", our love for the land and our contact with nature are the main reasons that made us producers and this became Farm Efkarpia s goal for all our products.

Agroktima Efkarpia and its philosophy is the creation of Fotini Mpaliatsou and Themistoklis Lekkas.

The estates and our head office is in Larissa, Thessaly, Greece.