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Velouitinos Throuba Thasos Olives PDO Organic Agriculture - Minimum Salt 180gr

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  1. Packed in modified atmosphere.
  2. Ripe olives with 1.78% by weight salt.
  3. It contains the minimum no salt.
  4. Natural flavour. 
  5.  Keep in a cool, dark place until best before date and refrigerate after opening.

Packed in modified atmosphere, the green packaging of “Velouitinos” is ripe olives with 1.78% by weight salt. It contains the minimum possible salt so that the natural flavor of the olive is not destroyed. Keep in a cool, dark place until best before date and refrigerate after opening.


Meet the producer

The VELOUITINOS Company was formed in 2001 when the love for nature, ecology and a healthier lifestyle took shape in the northern Aegean island, the evergreen Thasos.


Since then, the cultivation of Thasos olive (Olea europea var. Thasos Throuba) is made exclusively in accordance with organic farming standards, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


We also process and package its fruit in order to produce mainly table olives and olive oil.


Throuba Thasos Olives PDO

With time, and detecting market needs for clean and quality food a "Protected Designation of Origin" product was created. It is subjected only to mild processing, without heat treatment (pasteurization), and it contains only a small amount of salt compared with similar product in the market.


Attention is also paid to the packaging of the olive fruit - durable, impervious to oxygen, in modified atmosphere - so the olive is not oxidized and it preserves its unique characteristics of flavour and aroma.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI & Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI
While the oil is extracted at an external independent unit (mill), special attention is given to temperatures, which are developed in the process, so that the final product contains all the excellent features of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Thasos (Protected Geographical Indication). If the conditions are right, then we produce Early harvest olive oil. Olive oil packed in Bag-in Box containers with tap but also in glass bottles for better maintenance.