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Ladi Biosas High Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil  700 ml

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  1. Cold extraction extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Unfiltered.
  3. From 100% Koroneiki olives.
  4. Produced in Kefalovriso, Messinia.
  5. Family product.

Ladi Biosas is a high premium extra virgin olive oil with a Vertical and Horizontal Hierarchy structure highlights art as a driving force even in food production. Ladi Biosas is standardized in a certified olive mill and all bottles are numbered (one by one) which bear the signature of the great Messenian painter-engraver Mr. Takis Katsoulidis (the font is his own creation), while the Olive Oil is extracted from  organically grown olive groves in the State of Messinia at Kefalovryso village (40km from Kalamata) in the Southern Peninsula of Peloponnese.

Meet the producer

Our product aim to articulate premium extra virgin olive oil with a superb packaging*.
Taking distance from the mass market for olive oil, the company uses art as a driving force to create a premium product that will reposition Greek olive oil in the world market.


Each aspect of Ladi Biosas manifests the unique perspective of our team because we participate in every stage of the production.
It s almost the only product in olive oil market that is being made by vertical integrated production processes.


We are not just the cultivators,
we are not just the designers,
we are not just the promoters,


we are a complex blend of creators who dare to contest with the uncertain in order to bring into light a unique product, Ladi Biosas _high premium extra virgin olive oil

* Which is far distanced from the former folklore aesthetic of Greek products that intended to use greek symbols connected with the Greek ancient civilization (meander, pillars etc) in order to give prestige to the product.