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Fleur Salt with Black Truffle 50 gr

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  1. Gourmet sea salt (fleur de sel)infused with small pieces of black truffle
  2. Apply generously to compliment any gourmet dish - we recommend to add it to your salads, sprinkle over grilled meat, eggs or to your risotto.
  3. The flavour and aroma of the truffle remains strong and captures all senses.
  4. A natural source of protein- low in sodium and fat

Fleur salt with Black Truffle 50 g by Natural History Museum of Meteora & Mushroom Museum is a unique gourmet salt experience. You may add it to your salads, sprinkle over grilled meat or to your risotto. The flavour and aroma of thetruffle remains strong and captures all senses.

Meet the producer

Natural History Museum Meteora


The role of a museum of Natural History is multiple. It is based on specific objectives, which compose its philosophyand constitute the reasons of its existence.

Our objectives are:

-The creation, maintenance and promotion of member clubs that will contribute to the study and preservation of our natural heritage.

-The shaping of environmental awareness through the validity and diffusion of knowledge, guaranteeing the cooperation with renowned scientific institutions, universities and museum educators.

-The utilization of scientific collections and the contribution to studies on natural environment, particularly to theregion of Pindus.

-The development of educational and publishing activities and the creation of a data bank about the exhibited species.

-The organization of exhibitions, events and seminars on the environment, and activities that bring people in contact with nature and complexity of its operations.