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Jukeros Iced Lemon Verbena with Agave Nectar and Lemon Juice-Detox on the rocks 260 ml

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  1. Iced Lemon Verbena with lemon juice
  2. Flavourfull , helps detoxing
  3. Sugar free, preservative free, with Agave nectar
  4. Suitable for diabetics
  5. Enjoy chilled

"Detox on the rocks" Iced Lemon Verbena with Agave Nectar and Lemon Juice 260ml is a handmade iced tea with lemon verbena infusion, lemon juice and agave nectar.Sugar free, preservative free. The new trend in refreshing and healthy drinks that are here to make a difference. Made by the famous Chef Dimitris Chomatas, Jukeros products have made a hugetrend in Greece since they combine innovation with knowledge and a true Greek passion.

Meet the producer


The Jukeros company founded by Chef Dimitris Chomatas on December 2015. The company headquarters and the production and distribution unit are located in Athens in Kallithea area on, Gripari 52 Str. The company applies the HACCP systemthrough to all stages of the production. From the receiving of the new raw materials to the final standardization of Jukeros products and we are fully harmonized with the European legislation on food safety. Our specialization is the production and standardization of handmade high quality products with special flavors and combinations, without preservatives, additives and pigments. In order to preserve naturally Jukeros products, we use fresh lemon juice or cider,either balsamic or wine vinegar, always depending on the recipe that we create. The combination of the traditional manufacturing methods that we use with the fresh fruits,vegetables and spices intends not just to put Jukeros in your everyday meal but make you to fall in love with our products! The raw materials which we use for the production of Jukeros are carefully selected from certified suppliers of the Greek market. For the Jukeros company an extremely tasty and quality product should have the similar appearance.