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Golden Black Organic Currants Dried under the Shade (pack of 4 x 200gr)

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  1. Great Taste Award 2014 product , with one star.
  2. Dried under the shade of the Greek sun.
  3. Cultivated in the area of Nemea.
  4. Preserves the specific aromas due to the slow drying in shade.
  5. Part of a healthy Mediterranean diet.
  6. Each order includes 4 boxes of 200 gr.

These currants have been cultivated in the legendary region of Nemea, Corinth in Greece since 1876, taking advantage of the region’s unique soil quality and climate. These raisins have a true authentic flavour and taste without the addition of caramelised sugars, as they are naturally dried grape by grape over a 30 to 60 days period.

Meet the producer

In the famous region of Nemea, our family began to cultivate vineyards in 1876.


The unique soil and climatic conditions of the region, combined with the ever-growing experience in viticulture formed the basis to develop our family business, investing in top quality and hygiene of our products as well as in the full satisfaction of people that will try them.


Today, Organic Vineyards Papaioannou is a successful family business that after the great popularity of its wines in Greece and abroad, decided, and in particular one of the newest members of her, George, to become active in the production of, world reputation, currants and to share them with those who appreciate the extraordinary.


The only condition we set to begin production was the great qualitative differentiation in order to highlight the uniqueness of this very historic product.


Thus, begun the production of organic currants from our vineyards, dried in the shade and the name that we believe characterizes them is the «Golden Black».