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Think Green Organic Loukoumi Sweet with Mastiha 140 gr

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  1. Traditional Greek organic sweet delight - mastiha flavour.
  2. From the Greek island of Chios.
  3. Simple ingredients combined to create a wonderful taste.
  4. Enjoy with a cup of Greek Coffee for the ultimate Greek experience.
  5. Gluten Free .

Greek delights are a sweet temptation that came to Greece, during the beginning of 19th century. Since then, the traditional recipe has been enriched with various ingredients and has a great variety of flavours. Thanks to the passion and art of the Greeks, the delights have won a great place in the heart of the Greek consumer.


These small but tasty morsels can be served with your coffee or tea at home or at a cafeteria. The greek delights can be consumed during the fasting/ the Lent and can impress with their refined taste at various social events (weddings, baptisms, etc.).


Meet the producer

THINKGREEN company is a newly set up firm but with long experience in the organic products field since 1988.

Thinkgreen is activated in the space of the organic products and good qualitative food in Greece as well as abroad, based mainly on the Greek traditional diet which in extension is the Mediterranean diet with chosen materials from organic certified cultivations.


Our philosophy:
To satisfy desires of gourmet taste and high quality product at an affordable price which is achieved by

• Traditional, pure ingredients for our products, and where possible from certified organic plantations
• The old and new secrets of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine
• The utilization of appropriate technology for the processing and final production
• Development of new products based on the nutritional needs and desires of customer group (niche markets).