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Simply Greek Tomato and Thyme Sauce 280 gr

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  1. Strong aroma and flavour of thyme.
  2. With 17% thyme.
  3. Incredibly versatile.
  4. Enjoy it with bruschetta, pizza, pasta, dip, condiment, meatballs, bread, crackers, beans, and casserole dishes.

All Simply Greek sauces are tomato based & are ready to use with just the twist of the lid; as is or heated. Deliciously lush, they can be enjoyed as dips, with pizza, bruschetta, roasts, condiments or pasta sauces. They are extremely versatile.

Meet the producer

Simply Greek is an artisan, award winning brand of fine foods inspired by Greek traditional cuisine.


Using only the finest ingredients we create all natural, flavour bursting products. We dare to be different, we aim to be unique. We produce in small batches to assure quality control & we take pride in every aspect of our work.


We have created a range that differs, we won’t compromise on anything & we only make products we consume ourselves with our families & friends.