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Ouzounoglou Greek Coffee 200 gr

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  1. Perfect quality from careful selection.
  2. Traditionally roasted and ground Greek coffee.
  3. Quality and substance assurance since 1928.
  4. Homemade recipe passed from father to son.
  5. Boil the coffee with sugar to enjoy the famous Greek coffee experience.
  6. Combines perfectly with Greek herbal delight (loukoumi).

In order to make a fine medium Greek coffee, you need to pour a small cup of cold water into a small coffee-pot, then add a teaspoon of Ouzounoglou coffee and half a teaspoon of sugar. Put the coffee pot on the fire and mix well. Wait until the coffee-froth boils and the coffee is ready to serve!

Meet the producer

The history of Ouzounoglou family is strictly related with the history of coffee in Thessaloniki.


Since 1928 from father to son, from generation to another, our family became a guardian of coffee quality and substance. Since the founder of our company, Symeon Ouzounoglou, up until now nothing changed. Our passion, the attention in production, the knowledge of every secret in coffee processing and the maintenance of the traditional procedure guarantee the coffee quality for your pleasure.

Above all coffee is pleasure. A pleasure which accompanies our living daily. An everyday pleasure which accompanies our family for four generations.

The philosophy of our company summarizes the following:
- the deep knowledge in every detail; from coffee selection to coffee storage, its processing and transportation,
- the ultimate quality, of the raw material, and in every step of the procedure,
- the guarantee of quality and pleasure as well as the guarantee of the quality/price relation.

We always think of our customers and we look at the future but our soul is always close to tradition. We never forget our founder’s advice: Our customers deserve only the best coffee.