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Ladopetra Handmade Olive Oil Soaps 125gr

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  1. Handmade in a traditional workshop. 
  2. Holy Mount Athos recipe (from the monasteries of M. Athos). 
  3. Ideal for both face and body.
  4. Natural soft aroma and mild cleansing properties.
  5. Ideal as a gift.


Organic Olive Oil Ladopetra: nourishes, regenerates and maintains the elasticity of skin cells without leaving chemical residues. Infusion of aromatic herbs. Rain water: water without salts, for the better cleaning of hair, face & body. Sodium Hydroxide: chemical element needed for the production of soap. It decays and gets lost with the time.

Standards for olive oil in the European pharmacology (23/11/2010).

Use: Body, Hair


Meet the producer

LADOPETRA a 3rd generation Greek family business with an exclusive superior quality production of olive oil products that meet the highest organic and nutritional standards.

Ladopetra traditional olive groves with trees more than 600 years old.

For us, ecology is not just theory. We made it our philosophy and we try to live with it. And we try to practice ecology with all those who share the view that nature has endowed us with the most important food, the most important drug, the most precious heritage: the olive.

With respect to nature, without any compromise to the quality of the product from the field to packaging.