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My Olive Oil Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200 ml

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  1. Rich and fragrant flavour.
  2. Cold pressed olive oil.
  3. Acidity levels : between 0.1-0.3%.
  4. Olives variety: Koroneiki from Mirabello-Crete.
  5. Ideal to drizzle over your salads, fish or meat.

‘My olive oil’ is a superior extra virgin olive oil, enhancing foods with its rich and fragrant flavour.

The olives are picked and crushed when perfectly ripe for best quality and taste. Drizzle on salads and use for cooking as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet. In its attractive clear glass bottle, with its characteristic golden-green extra virgin olive oil, “my olive oil” will surely become a firm favourite.

Meet the producer

VASILAKIS ESTATE. Since 1865, the Vassilakis family has produced extra virgin olive oil on their estate in the Mirabello region of Crete, one of the area’s first olive producers.


The current Vassilakis generation took over in 1980, preserving time-honoured cultivating and harvesting methods that respect the environment, while investing in state-of-the art extraction, standardization and storage facilities, all of which ensure that Vassilakis Estate olive oils’ superior taste and nutritional values are brought fresh to your table.

The philosophy of the Vassilakis Estate in a nutshell is to offer good food the Vassilakis family enjoys to a wider audience. It is well known that the Cretan diet, of which olive oil is a staple, is very healthy.


Other Vassilakis Estate produce includes: a unique eating olive, “Mouratolia”, known locally as the “queen of the eating olives” and Tsikoudia, a traditional Cretan spirit distilled from grapes.