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EVO3 - Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 500 ml

  1. It has low glutinosity and smooth taste.
  2. A unique delicate fruitiness, velvety and fragrant taste, with a slight piquant aftertaste. 
  3. A mix between three different types of olives – the Kolovi (Valanolia), the Adramatini, and the Lathoelia.
  4. No chemical fertilisers are used, and only organic fertilisers and natural methods are used to eradicate the olive fruit fly.

εvoᶾ is an exceptional quality organic extra virgin olive oil.  It has a liquid texture (low glutinosity – smooth taste), due to its relatively high level of unsaturates and a golden light colour, giving it its unique delicate fruitiness, velvety and fragrant taste, with a slight piquant aftertaste.

The harvest season for εvoᶾ is between November to January.  This is when the olives are at their peak for harvesting, producing the best quality olive oil and the distinct fruity taste. The acidity of the olive oil is also of exceptional quality.  εvoᶾ free acidity ranges from 0.4-0.6% which allows it to be labelled as extra virgin and categorised as exceptional quality.

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Meet the producer

EVO3 derives from the word evolution. Everything on our planet evolves by developing through natural processes to reach a higher state. This process of change defines our higher state of being. evo3’s process is based on the circle of life.


This is why we have recruited the help of Eden Reforestation Projects and other local organisations in Europe, to plant a tree in an area-in-need for every bottle you purchase. For evo3, trees symbolise the thread of life that connects us all as human beings.


Through this “buy this, change that” concept, we aim to re-enforce our connection and compassion with each other while reaching this higher state of being socially responsible and of respecting the world that sustains us. Be part of our evolution in bringing oil to the soil.


The 3 is our heart. It pulsates with the quality of the product and with our ideals. The quality is based on the 3 Os: Organic Olive Oil. Our ideals are also threefold: to be honest, to be transparent, and to advocate our social entrepreneurship.


That’s why at εvo?, we know it’s a special day when we plant a tree. It’s a memorable day when this idea evolves into inspiration for someone to heal the world, one bottle at a time.


“Be involved to evolve”