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Eliris Extraordinary Organic Olive Oil 100 ml

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  1. The lowest acidity and peroxide value.
  2. Gentle pungency and almost no bitterness.
  3. A pleasing impression of sweetness, yet cleanness in the mouth.
  4. Delicate aromas of green vegetables and herbs. 
  5. Great Taste Award 2015, with 1 Gold star.

This aromatic extra virgin olive oil reflects within its character the imprint of the magnificent landscape, idyllic climate and meticulous care that has produced it. Always enjoyed fresh, within the season of harvest, Eliris is truly extraordinary and appeals to a descerning clientele, who not only love the taste but appreciate the distinctive, yet convenient packaging. If you are a professional chef, a home cook who is passionate about fine food, or you are just looking for a unique, personal gift for family, friends or business acquaintances, Eliris will entice and inspire. Add a touch a luxury and enrich your favourite salads, sauces, pasta and fresh foods. It's ideal for finishing dishes, sous-vide, dressings, marinades and dips. 




Meet the producer

Eliris is produced by Iris & Sam at Efthimiadi Estate in Greece with skill, care and a passion for the craft.


A signature field-blend of many Greek varieties, produces a truly unique, delicate style with considerable personality (itself a rarity) and has the lowest acidity and peroxide value on the market.


Gentle pungency and almost no bitterness – in fact a pleasing impression of sweetness, yet cleanness in the mouth.


Delicate aromas of green vegetables and herbs. Eliris olives are picked early in the season as they begin to ripen (October and November) and quickly extracted in a clean, state of the art Pieralisi olive mill and stored in a temperature controlled environment on the estate.


Supplied in limited quantities, strictly from the current season in small premium dark glass bottles, which absorb 99% UV light to preserve the aroma, flavour and quality. All bottles are numbered and provide quality analysis, harvest season and best before information, which is limited to 18 months from harvest, not bottling.

We believe authentic, fresh olive oil produced with ‘meraki’, is an experience to be savoured everyday and this is our promise.


Certified organic by BIO Hellas S.A.