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Domain Evharis "Ilaros" White Dry Wine 750ml

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  1. A greenish-yellow sheen, crystal - clear aromatic fruity wine.
  2. Balanced taste of citrus and melon.
  3. Rounded balanced body with lingering aftertaste.
  4. Ideal with your daily meal and any occasion.
  5. Combination of Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko.


A greenish-yellow sheen, crystal - clear aromatic wine with a balanced taste of citrus and melon, light, refreshing, ideal with your daily meal and any occasion.

The explosive combination of Sauvignon Blanc, and Assyrtiko gives this wine an attractive greenish-yellow hue, an intensely fruit bouquet, and a rounded, balanced body with a lingering aftertaste.



Technical characteristics : The grapes are handpicked and brought to the winery in small plastic crates. Following careful sorting of the grapes, they are fed into the destemmer where the stems are separated from the grapes. After this they are fed into state-of-the-art pneumatic presses where they are gently pressed at low pressures. This is followed by debourbage and then after eight hours the must, which has cleared naturally, is collected. No pumps are used during processing of the grapes. Alcohol fermentation takes place in double-walled, stainless steel tanks at a fully controlled temperature of 16°C. After filtered and stabilised, the wine is bottled at the domain.



Colour : White

Type : Dry

VDQS : Protected geographical indication Gerania

Variety : Assyrtiko 60%, , Sauvignon blanc 40%

Vinification / ageing : Alcoholic fermentation for approximately 10 days in special stainless steel tanks,with temperature control

Proof : 12.% vol

Total acidity : 5.7 gr/lt

Reducing sugars : 4 gr/lt

Annual production : 6.000 bottles

Serve at : 8°C - 10°C

Best served with : Salads, hors d’oeuvres, light fish meals, seafood.

Meet the producer

By combining their names, Eva Boehme and Haris Antoniou, came up with the name EVHARIS, a name they have also passed on to their renowned wines.

Two leading figures from the business world, Eva and Haris, relying on the traditional values of Greece’s wine-making culture, turned their life-long dream into reality by creating a heavenly vineyard on the slopes of theGerania Mountains just a few kilometers from Athens.