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Rizes Fig Spread 300gr

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  1. 100% fruit spread from mature figs of August.
  2. Produced by 120g of fruit pulp per 100g of final product.
  3. No sugar added - no pectin.
  4. Serve as bread spread, accompany cheese or add as topping on icecream or yogurt.
  5. Use it in your cooking for cakes and cookies.
  6. No preservatives.

Mature figs of August simmer with concentrated grape juice and fresh lemon juice giving a very interesting spread with hints of cinnamon and apple due to the peculiar variety of the fig.

Produced by 120g of fruit pulp per 100g of final product.


SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Served as bread spread, accompanying salty or piquant cheeses, as a component for cakes and stuffed cookies, in yogurt or on ice cream, as an ingredient for giving sweetness to a dressing for fresh green salad



ENERGY: 864kj/207kcal - FAT: 0,4g (of which saturates: 0,0g) - CARBOHYDRATE 50,6g (of which sugars: 44,4g) - PROTEIN: 1,2g - SALT: 0,0g

Meet the producer

Rizes Greek Delicatessen.Rizes (roots) has sprung out of our deep love for tasty Greek food products made with the best raw materials. The choice of the name has not been an arbitrary one. It vests this undertaking with a double symbolism but points to a single direction, that of return. Return to the roots of Greek land, to our agricultural wealth, to our Greek agricultural products of exceptional quality and exquisite taste. Return to the roots of Greek cuisine, which is a pillar of Mediterranean diet. For us traditional products are the ones which are handmade with respect to traditional recipes or inspired by them with a more personal or modern approach, without the use of mechanical means, with exceptional quality raw materials but above all without the use of additives and conservatives. This is our definition of Greek delicatessen. We would therefore like to introduce ourselves as an artisan food family run and owned company of Greek delicatessen products. We cook with personal care and enthusiasm using 100% natural products. We use traditional and family recipes respecting the quality principles of Greek Mediterranean Diet.