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Dinner For Two Magic Night Hamper (9 pieces)

  1. Easy to prepare, unforgettable and delicious dinner for two.
  2. Combines taste and nutritional value.
  3. A great option to initiate to the Mediterranean diet.
  4. All goods are produced by small Greek farms and producers.
  5. All products are all natural with no preservatives.

A romantic dinner is never old fashioned.

Easy cooking with Mediterranean ingredients that will make your taste buds flow with joy.

A lovely assortment of goods that combine taste and nutritional value and help you make the night unforgettable.



Each hamper includes:


1 x Pyliaki Gi Kalamata Olive Breadsticks with whole wheat flour and Green Olive oil 100gr

1 x Pyliaki Gi Tomatoes with Myrtle acorns in Honey and Chardonnay syrup 220gr

1 x Pyliaki Gi Kalamata olives filled with Almonds in honey and Cabernet syrup 220gr

1 x Charisma Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

1 x Naturally Greek Kytheras Olive Oil Barley Rusks 200gr

1 x Rizes Sweet Red Pepper Sauce with Onion 200gr

1 x Think Green Smoked Tuna in Organic Olive Oil 160gr

1 x Mylelia Squid Ink Black Tagliolini Twirls 250gr

1 x Pyliaki Gi Black Currant with Ouzo syrup 220gr

1 x Evodeas White Dry Wine PGI 750ml


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Mylelia Pasta have been substituted by Agrozimi Cuttlefish Ink Linguini 500gr




- Put the wine in the refrigerator for 2 hours to chill it properly. 

-Serve the breadsticks along with the Tomatoes In Chardonnay and the Olive with Almond and Cabernet syrup.

-Make your own "canapes" by spreading red pepper pate on the Barley Rusks.

-Cook your own "marinara" pasta sauce using red pepper pate and the  smoked tuna - use olive oil for cooking.

- Cook your pasta in plenty salted water with a bit of olive oil for approx. 7 minutes.

- Serve and Enjoy!




- Frozen yogurt with Black currant ouzo syrup topping. 

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Meet the producer

Trofos was established to present and promote the Greek quality food products around the world.


The Greek nature is blessed with a Mediterranean climate and a rich biopersity and offers high quality food products. We introduce those products to the consumers who care about healthy living and make them feel that they shop directly from the producer at very competitive prices.


The Greek Mediterranean diet is not only one of the healthiest diets but a way of life, promoting longevity of its inhabitants and absence of various diseases.


As a company, we are dedicated to provide Greek best quality organic gourmet delicacies and traditional products. Our great range of premium Greek products includes Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Olives, Vinegars, Honey, Appetizers, Handmade Pasta, Wines, Ouzo and Tsipouro spirits, Sweet Delights and Spoon Sweets, Truffles, Bee Pollen and more. Our aim is to bring you all these precious gifts of Greek nature.