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Organic Life Ultimate Hamper (13 pieces)

  1. Start detoxing your body from non natural food with this organic assortment hamper.
  2. Combines taste and nutritional value.
  3. A great option to initiate to the Mediterranean diet.
  4. All goods are produced by small Greek farms and producers.
  5. All products are all natural and certified organic.

Take a personal glimpse of the Greek Taste and the Mediterranean Diet with this unique hamper full of delicious treasures that all share organic cultivation! Do not compromise anymore - now you can combine high nutritional value and great taste!

Greek goodies that are carefully selected to cover your needs are ready to be shipped to your doorstep.

A thoughtful assortment that initiates to the Greek Mediterranean Diet.



Each hamper includes: 



1 x Eliris Extraordinary Organic Olive Oil 100ml

1 x Elea Terra Organic Kalamon Variety Olives 345gr

1 x Golden Black Organic Currants Dried under the Shade 200gr

1 x Dear Crete Organic Olive Oil Cookies 200gr

1 x Rovies Organic Green Olive Paste 100gr

1 x Rovies Organic Kalamon Olive Paste 100gr

1 x Dear Crete Organic Almond Biscuits 200gr

1 x Mariannas Organic Grape Jam 260gr

1 x Think Green Smoked Tuna in Organic Olive Oil 160gr

1 x Marianna's Organic Stuffed Vine Leaves - Ntolmadakia 200gr

1 x Organic Islands Organic Origanum Vulgare - Oregano 30gr

2 x Think Green Tuna in Organic Olive Oil 160gr

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Meet the producer

Trofos was established to present and promote the Greek quality food products around the world.


The Greek nature is blessed with a Mediterranean climate and a rich biopersity and offers high quality food products. We introduce those products to the consumers who care about healthy living and make them feel that they shop directly from the producer at very competitive prices.


The Greek Mediterranean diet is not only one of the healthiest diets but a way of life, promoting longevity of its inhabitants and absence of various diseases.


As a company, we are dedicated to provide Greek best quality organic gourmet delicacies and traditional products. Our great range of premium Greek products includes Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Olives, Vinegars, Honey, Appetizers, Handmade Pasta, Wines, Ouzo and Tsipouro spirits, Sweet Delights and Spoon Sweets, Truffles, Bee Pollen and more. Our aim is to bring you all these precious gifts of Greek nature.