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Chatzi Traditional Greek Hilopites Homemade 500 gr

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  1. Made by traditional recipe from our grandparents.
  2. Made by fine quality semolina, fresh eggs and sheep milk only.
  3. Contains 100% durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs, sheep milk and salt.
  4. It doesn’t contain coloring additives and preservatives.
  5. All our pasta have been studied in Agricultural University of Athens.
  6. Quick food choice (3” cook time)

Greek hilopites is a traditional tagliatelle shape pasta, made by fresh eggs and milk.  The ingredients are strictly from local producers of the agricultural region of Thessaly Greece. We use 100% fine quality semolina. Perfectly cooked with chicken or veal, in the oven. 

Meet the producer


Traditional Greek Pasta Industry “CHATZI”  


The family industry of traditional Greek pasta “CHATZI” is operating since 1991. All the products are made with the best materials only from local producers and our pasta have excellent taste! We produce a range of pasta from traditional trahanas(frumenty)  and hilopites (tagliatelle with eggs and milk) to the most gourmet pasta.

From 1991 until today, the philosophy of traditional crafts CHATZI pasta is to create products that stand out, they use excellent ingredients and made with love and passion. Our first concern is the quality of our pasta. This excellent quality to achieve the unique traditional method of preparation, as we learned in our grandmothers from generation to generation and this traditional character have pasta CHATZI today.

All of our products are manufactured with the best  materials in excellent health conditions by HACCP standards which we monitor and update every day. Our industry is fully equipped with the most modern pasta production machinery, to arrive on your plate keeping the traditional taste and all its nutrients, just like the day of production. Konstantina Chatzi have studied food engineering and technologist in A.U.A, so the pasta “CHATZI” combines tradition with modern. 


Our traditional pasta are made always and only with fresh sheep's milk from family farms in our region, which we process  in a special kettle of our laboratory and we can guarantee it’s high nutritional value.

Because we use only natural vegetable pulp depending on the color of the vegetable at a time can be changed and the color of pasta (sometimes be more open other darker) this is perfectly normal because we do not use powders coloring additives and preservatives.

The nutritional value of our pasta is studied at the Agricultural University of Athens and we can guarantee their excellent quality!