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Creta Carob Mini Rusk 300 gr

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  1. Traditional homemade recipe.
  2. Natural ingredients.
  3. Crunchy and earthly flavour.
  4. Can be softened with water, olive oil and vinegar or both before eating.
  5. Unique taste due to the use of carob powder.
  6. Special nutritional value, without preservatives.

Cretan Carob Rusk is a traditional Greek bakery product, hard bread, with carob flavour. 

Cretan Carob Rusk contains only natural ingredients, such as water, olive oil, high quality flour and roasted carob powder, no additional preservatives, and offers special nutritional value with multitude of health benefits. It is rich in dietary fiber and has all the ingredients for a proper nutritional diet. It can be eaten plain or with any toppings such as tomato, cheese, pickles, olives, etc. It is an ideal accompaniment for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may soften them with water, oil and vinegar or both before eating. 


Ingredients: whole wheat flour, yeast, water, olive oil, roasted carob powder, raw carob powder, salt.

Meet the producer

CRETA CAROB IN CRETE, the carob trees thrive in difficult soils and like arid conditions that are naturally free of fungus and pests.


Thus, the uses of chemical sprays are not necessary on Crete Island. The tree grows 15 m in 50 years. It does not bear fruit for the first 15 years. However, once fruiting, it will yield one ton of beans in one harvest.

Carob pods are harvested in the middle of September. The growing carob pods look like green broad beans but they turn to a dark glossy brown as they age. Each pod can contain up to 15 seeds.

Carob is up to 8% protein. It contains Vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and D. It is high in Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, Magnesium and contains Iron Manganese, Barium, Copper and Nickel.