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Amvrosia Gourmet Herbs in olive oil Combo (4 pieces)

  1. Finely chopped fresh Greek Herbs in greek extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Ideal for any use in food preperation.
  3. 100% Natural products.
  4. No preservatives.

This combination of freshly chopped greek herbs in olive oil is a definite "must" for your food cupboard. Enjoy the aroma and taste of Amvrosia Gourmet Herbs in Olive Oil and benefit from 10% discount! 


Each combo pack includes:


1 X Amvrosia Gourmet Basil Fresh Cut 200gr

1 X Amvrosia Gourmet Spearmint Fresh Cut 200gr

1 X Amvrosia Gourmet Thyme Fresh Cut 200gr

1 X Amvrosia Gourmet Fresh Oregano 200gr

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Meet the producer

AMVROSIA GOURMET operates in the Mediterranean Diet food sector since 1994 with great success.

The main factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of Amvrosia Gourmet and have given leading role in the food sector is the understanding of the market which comes through the multi annual experience, the modern technological equipment, the reliable collaborations, the respect in customers’ needs and the innovative applications and proposals.

Ambrosia Gourmet serves businesses all around the Greek mainland and the Aegean and Ionian Islands.

Ambrosia Gourmet is continually adapting to the rapid changing business environment in the food sector and by studding the changes of today’s alimentary habits has been the pioneer in producing products strictly related to the Mediterranean Diet with the use of the Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil. All of the production practices are completely set with International Model HACCP 1416:2000 as well as the models of FDA.