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Kelesidis Estate Organic Red Wine Combo (3 pieces)

  1. The combo pack includes all favourite red varieties of Greek Wines.
  2. Vivid colours and amazing flavours that accompany a wide range of dishes.
  3. All wines are organic certified.
  4. Perfect also as a winetasting gift.

An unforgettable combination for wine lovers. Enjoy the most beloved organic certified wines from Kelesidis Estate and benefit from 10% discount! 


Each combo pack includes: 


1 X Sampanitsa Organic Red Wine 750ml

1 X Arothimies Organic Red Wine 750ml

1 X Merhali Organic Red Wine 750ml


Sampanitsa Organic Red Wine

Semisweet red wine OPAP Naoussa.

Vinified from red variety of the band OPAP xinomavro smoked and aged in oak barrels for twelve months.

It has soft and sweet flavour.

It accompanies fruits, sweets or dry nuts.

Served chilled at 14 C.

Arothimies Organic Red Wine

Local Naoussa red wine.

It is vinified from Merlot varieties, Syrah and xinomavro.

It has distinctive character and it is youthful and cool, with gentle fruity fragrance.

Consumed fresh (up to 26 months) and accompanies light dishes, light red sauce, pasta, pizza and fruit.

Served at 15-18 C.

Merhali Organic Red Wine

Dry red wine OPAP Naoussa.

Vinified from red variety of the band OPAP xinomavro smoked and aged in oak barrels for twelve months.

It has the characteristic rich flavour of the wines of Naoussa with a strong pleasant presence of the barrel flavour.

Can be served immediately or stored for six years, thus enriching the flavour.

It accompanies red meats, game and strong cheeses.

Served at room temperature 18 C.


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Meet the producer

At an altitude of 345 meters, 5 kilometres outside Naoussa, in Giannakohori we find KELESIDIS ESTATE.


In a charismatic region in terms of soil quality and unique microclimate, in the zone of Wine Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality includes 65 acres of vineyard.


A vineyard where every visitor is astonished, with the unconditional passion of the producers for the principles of organic farming and the use of environmentally friendly techniques.


The property is housed in Kelesidis listed two-storey stone building. A winery restored in traditional local architectural style that is waiting to embrace the visitor, who is impressed with the hospitality and seduce him with the tasting of five fine wines Kelesidis Organic Agriculture.


When love to nurture and care of the wine dominates, then the quality meets Kelesidis wine.