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AMBROSIA Organic Herbal Blend with organic citrus fruit zest 28.35 gr

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  1. Product of organic farming.
  2. Amazing refreshing aroma and balanced taste.
  3. Drink hot or cold.
  4. Enjoy plain or add sweetener to taste.
  5. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.
Ambrosia cube. Lovely orange zest with hyssop and hypericum, organic certified. Herbal Tea, hot or cold Enjoy plain or add sweetener to taste.


You may also put the herbal tea in ice cube pots and use it in your cooking or cocktails. 

Meet the producer

Nikos Hatziandreou founded Organic Islands in October 2010.


He decided to get involved with the cultivation, processing and selling of organic aromatic plants after extensive research and several visits to plantations and processing plants throughout Greece.


His idea was to make the best of the significant advantages of the islands climatological and geological conditions as well as the huge variety of native aromatic and medicinal plants and produce high quality organic products that can be used by the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


Furthermore, he wanted to demonstrate to local farmers, by example, that there are efficient alternative methods of cultivation (organic farming) and that aromatic plants could be a potential source of income for them, that can be obtained using fields with poor soil that are now either abandoned or used just for feeding animals.