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Marianna's Petimezi Greek Organic Grape Molasses 100ml

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  1. Great Taste Award 2013 with 3 Stars.
  2. Organic molasses syrup.
  3. Perfect substitute to sugar.
  4. Healthy and full of vitamins.
  5. Also used as dietery supplement for children and elderly people.
  6. Can be used in a ratio of 1:1 instead of sugar in all sweets even over bread and butter.

Marianna's Organic Petimezi (Molasses Syrup) is a healthy and delicious sweetener derived from Greek Grapes and naturally processed vinegars of the Kazakis Family.  Apart from the obvious use instead of sugar, it can also be consumed  as a natural and healthy supplement of vitamins for children, elderly people etc

Its taste is sweet with a slight bitter hint: the authentic natural taste of Molasses Syrup, without any additives. 

It is a precious gift of the Greek Nature to the humans and a must for your food cupboard. 






Meet the producer

The KAZAKIS House of Viticulture exists since 1994 and remains, to date, a traditional family business.


We aim at creating Greek, high quality, safe, traditional and organic foods to other families in Greece

and abroad.


Our wish is to remain innovative while introducing our products to all markets in Greece and abroad, re-instating the traditional taste of signature Greek dishes…

From the 1st day, we have special attention to the quality of our products and the safety during the production process. For this reason, we meticulously apply daily quality controls, during the acceptance and quality control of all raw materials. We also apply traceability information throughout the supply chain. As a result, we have been certified according to ISO22000:2005 since 2008 by the internationally respected Lloyd’s Registry of Quality Assurance.

One of our highest priorities has always been the respect to Nature and to our customers’ health. For this reason we applied organic farming practices to all our crops: be it grapes, olives or fig trees. Certified since 1996, we are scrutinized quarterly by BioHellas for the strict application of organic farming practices through and through our production line.