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Arogaia Organic Sage 40gr

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  1. Traditional herbal drying methods.
  2. Soft and sweet savoury flavour.
  3. Rich in antioxidants (apigenin, diosmetin, and luteolin) and important nutrients, such as vitamin K. 
  4. Important anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Memory improving.

Traditional preparation method of one of the most characteristics herbs of the Greek and Mediterranean nature. Add it to your marinades, sprinkle over your french fries, grilled meat or fish and of course to your salads. 

Meet the producer

AROGAIA is a small family business. Our goal was to create fresh products for people. Products we would choose for ourselves and our children, products that ultimately reach our table. That is why we carefully monitor each and every stage of production.

We have chosen to farm our own products so as to ensure their quality. To that end, we have already started the process to obtain Organic Farm Certification and we have been following a clear route, always en tuned with nature and her balance.


We use traditional herbal drying methods and we have only incorporated some latest technology practices that help ensure the duration of our products.

Finally, we have packed our products in beautiful vases that not only make for an aesthetically pleasing result, but also help preserve the herbs excellent properties.