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Alfa and Omega Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

  1. Combination of Koroneiki & Megaritiki Variery.
  2. Low acidity <0.8 (<0.3 export).
  3. Export cold temperature <27 C.
  4. Traditional manual collection.

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil of high quality. It is produced by the method of first cold extraction at temperatures of less than 27C, keeping in this way its organoleptic characteristics and its rich aroma. Balanced taste when consumed raw, but also ideal for cooking.

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Meet the producer

ALFA AND OMEGA, two letters whose history is lost in the mists of time.


The history like everyone says resumes.

Throught its new pages, we should write our own experiences with our own way and color. Experiences that we have obtained by our first child years, when we considered the harvest and work as a game. The game then became habit and the habit became necessity. The necessity to preserve all these.


We now third generation dealers, have to marry the agricultural production with the promotion of goods through the trade. As our grandparents and later our parents, we are called to continue this difficult task.


Being nature and healthy living lovers and living in a provincial town of Greece with rich and long tradition in growing olive trees, pistachios and not only, we decided to establish Alpha and Omega in order to highlight, promote and intergrate all of the above in the consumption patterns of more and more people abroad.


We inherited as most the tradition. A heavy tradition that we have the duty to preserve and hand on to future generations. Within this heritage is included the agricultural sector and trade.