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Muses Estate Organic Tsipouro without anise 700ml

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  1. Pomace from carefully selected, ripe and healthy grapes, organically cultivated
  2. Product of organic farming.
  3. Double distilled to produce noble aroma.
  4. Served straight or with ice.
  5. Ideal as an aperitif.
  6. Accompanies perfectly small dishes and Greek "meze".

In 2000 a modern distillery was created in Petra Boeotia for the production of fine spirits. In our copper stills distilled drop by drop and low temperature carefully selected marcs. After a double distillation of the heart of the distillate created a rich, elegant and balanced with and without Tsipouro anise ready to satisfy the most discerning tasters.

Meet the producer

THE VALLEY OF THE MUSES (KTIMA MOUSON) is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Helicon in the region of Viotia in Central Greece.

In ancient times, the place was the main centre of worship of the 9 Muses, daughters of Zeus and goddesses who were believed to preside over and protect the arts and give artists, philosophers and individuals the necessary inspiration for creation.

The valley was also home to Hesiod, the ancient poet and father of viniculture. In one of his works, Hesiod describes the customs and habits of ancient Askra, the city in which he lived and created his works. The citizens of Askra had viticulture as their main occupation and their love for wine gave birth to a wine festival which still takes place today.

His deep love for wine and a long family tradition of wine making, gave their grandfather, Nikolaos Zaharias, the inspiration to create a small winery in Askri, in1946. This was a dream come true that soon developed into a family business, when his son, Athanasios Zaharias decided to carry on this tradition with the same dedication for wine, and to upgrade the winery with the latest equipment.


Today, the third generation has joined the business bringing in new knowledge, which, combined to the long-time experience and family tradition helps to explore new ideas.