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Astarti Exclusive Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Maraska 750 ml

  1. Cold pressed olive oil.
  2. Light to medium fruity.
  3. Elegant and rare aroma.
  4. It is excellent on seafood, white meat, steamed vegetables and fresh salads.
  5. Definite bitterness and balanced pungency.

Astarti Exclusive, renowned for its purity, quality and taste is produced and bottle in the village of Karava on the island of Kythera. Olive trees are of the Koroneiki variety and grow at an altitude of 10 to 140m above sea level. The unique terroir, the microclimate and the farming practices which include dry cultivation and early harvesting are the factors whoch contribute to the superior quality of this olive oil. 


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Meet the producer

Our company ASTARTI is based on the island of Kythera-Greece and has been involved in organic farming since 1992 when Harry Tzortzopoulos, on completion of his studies in agriculture, returned to his forefathers island to take over the family olive groves.


Since Astartis establishment in 2001, the company has been involved in the production, packaging and trading of organic and traditional Kytherian products.


Astarti’s goals and philosophy are:

• The promotion of organic farming on the island of Kythera.

• The processing and development of local produce.

• The promotion of environmental awareness and active participation in the protection of the Kytherian land.