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Lagadas Farm Greek Pickled Stuffed Red Peppers in Glass Jar 500 ml

  1. Traditional greek handmade appetizer- pickled peppers filled with vegetables and herbs.
  2. Consume as a Greek meze or add it to your salads.
  3. Each vase contains 3 large portions.
  4. Combines perfectly with cold cuts/cheese plates - Great for parties as an amuse bouche.
  5. Handmade greek product, low in fat and without preservatives

Greek Spicy Pickled Meze Dolma in Glass Jar 500ml: It's a pickle temptation, made in part from an oriental recipe and a lot of enthusiasm. The spicy filling is made up of chopped vegetables, red peppers, carrots, celery, garlic and hot peppers. The pickled vegetables that are used in this recipe are carefully wrapped in big local cabbage leaves. The Dolmas are tied with sprigs of celery and red pepper. It's a product that will captivate people who love spicy oriental flavors.

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Meet the producer


LAGADAS FARM is a company engaged in the processing and packaging of all types of pickled vegetables.

The company is located in Lagadas, Thessaloniki, a fertile region which is renowned for the quality of its vegetables. The founder of the company, Angelos Kamariotis, has inherited unique recipes from his family.

He created the company to meet the needs of any individual market. The members of the company, with the experience that they possess, cultivate the vegetables themselves. In this way, they achieve an unparalleled quality of their products. A key advantage of the company is that all vegetables are collected, processed and packaged by hand, giving the products a handmade quality.

The company's aim is to offer the consumer pure products of great quality and taste, making the name LAGADAS FARM synonymous to agricultural products in Greece and throughout the world.